Sunday, February 24, 2013

CH BC DS Adventures!...

Huh? you're asking...on Sunday me and the pack headed north to COPPER HARBOR to have a BACK COUNTRY, DEEP SNOW adventure!
Keweenaw County seemed to have excellent snow.

This is more snow than we have at home...can we move up here?

This is where you turn to go to Mt. Bohemia. Looks good here, too!
The "covered drive", last part of Hwy 41 going to CH.

Finally! We're ready for our deep snow adventure.
Across the ponds we go...I know the way from riding
here in the summer.
Am I getting taller? Or why is the sign so close today?
Oh, it's just the wonderful deep snow.
Many trees have come down with the snow this winter.

We had easy going on the snow shoe packed trail.

This is the Woopidy-Woo trail.
Everyone knows after Woopidy-Woo comes The Edge!
These tracks are my pack side-stepping up the board walk.

The famous switchback boardwalks had good snow coverage.
I had to be conservative by this steep edge...I'm NOT getting any closer!

At the top of Brockway Mountain...
...see the tree tops below us?
We had a lunch stop on our way down The Flow.
I had lame kibble....AGAIN.

All the snow was unpacked and deep on the north side of Brockway.

OK Arly, I'm ready for a little break.  Will we camp here?

The snow drifted around the switch back.
These trails are SO MUCH fun to run in the summer.
They of course ride there tandem on these.
The sloughed off snow was tumbling and rolling down the steep hill.

Snowboarders and telemark skiers passed through here,
shredding down the hill.

The snowshoe path didn't last long. I'm getting tired!
But at least I didn't fall down.

Yay! We managed to find our way back to town.
It was a fun filled deep snow bounding day!.

Ya we got snow

It's been snowing here and you should know, I'm a snow dog.
This is my pal "looney" who lives on the garage roof. 
He seems to be digging his own hole.

Me and my pack out enjoying it.

On Saturday morning Arly had to groom,  I didn't like not getting out early but then, I like groomed trails too so that's OK.  In the afternoon we headed west to ski around little Perreault Lake.  It's just a few miles from town. 
Ya, this is how I like it.
I see vermin everywhere.

I lead the way to deep snow adventures
The trees had some real snow up in them.

It was fun but I had to do maintenance as well.

I led the pack out to the viewing platform by the fen.
They couldn't find the trail...they say that's why it's handy to
have a Trail Mutt around.

By the end, I had bounded much, I was starting to get tired.
We had such a good time...

Even though the snow was sticky...
But it was good-n-deep!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

BC skiing the North Country trail!

Snow dogs or trail mutts like me sure do love deep snow on Sunday Feb. 17th we went for a back country ski along the North Country trail near Mass City.

Our starting point

Whee! I love the deep snow.

It works great for cooling, too.

Me and the pack adopted this trail segment last year.

Lunch! But they forgot my lame kibble today. They're lame!

The deer packed the trail for us here.

The breeze was blowing the snow out of the tree tops.

We made it to the top of the big descent before the
Middle Branch. We turned back here.

I led the way and packed trail most of the time.

Some Widow makers which look real artsy...
This this the kind of thing that kills sawyers! 
Arly says this one will get left up.

I let Arly pack trail for a while...all this belly
deep bounding is making me tired.

Almost back to the car

I'm ready to hop in. I've had enough bounding and ready to go home.