Sunday, February 17, 2013

BC skiing the North Country trail!

Snow dogs or trail mutts like me sure do love deep snow on Sunday Feb. 17th we went for a back country ski along the North Country trail near Mass City.

Our starting point

Whee! I love the deep snow.

It works great for cooling, too.

Me and the pack adopted this trail segment last year.

Lunch! But they forgot my lame kibble today. They're lame!

The deer packed the trail for us here.

The breeze was blowing the snow out of the tree tops.

We made it to the top of the big descent before the
Middle Branch. We turned back here.

I led the way and packed trail most of the time.

Some Widow makers which look real artsy...
This this the kind of thing that kills sawyers! 
Arly says this one will get left up.

I let Arly pack trail for a while...all this belly
deep bounding is making me tired.

Almost back to the car

I'm ready to hop in. I've had enough bounding and ready to go home.

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