Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back for more trail clearing at Swedetown!

Marc posted he was having a trail clearing party at ST trails so we went up to help some.
Oh Ya, everyone gathers as Marc talks with his hands..

Hey Rick, I've not seen you in some time!
Sandy and Arly went back to work on the BC trail.

This looks better!
They were making lots of noise with that saw thing,
so I spent the morning with Cynthia.
We had such a nice time together!

At noon Marc feed us pizza in the chalet. 

Ya, you can rub my ears.  No one ever does that ya know.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A little Swedetown trail sweep.

On our way back from Copper Harbor on Monday, we stopped at Calumet to check out the trails there.  We had chatted with John N over the weekend who'd been out clearing them, plus he had ridden the South Side and Lake View trails.  So we had the bright idea that we could too. After talking with some Marquette riders who were coming off the trails, we thought better.   Instead we walked in on the Back Country trail and found it in impassable condition.  So we got back to the bread box and headed to Houghton to get some power tools.
We'd not stopped at the Cafe Rosetta in some time!

I'll need to make my rounds, the patrons here are very friendly.

All clear to the rear...still blocked up ahead.

Swamp trees everywhere! The snow bent them all over.

We only made it to the 1st ski trail crossing...not very far!

Memorial weekend ride-n-camp at Copper Harbor!

Oh ya! Quite a weekend of adventures I had here.
First stop was CH visitor center to see Becky!
This place is trail mutt approved.

Next we set up camp. I love camping you know!
Now I visited the friendly campers next door who
came from Marquette.

You know I never get to see kids.

That night we went to the Brickside Brewery.
I wish you'd take me out so I could see some kids!

Oh ya, Jason and Jessica - now you are trial mutt approved!

I found many friendly MB riders here. I got a good rub from Derek.

A morning walk around Ft Wilkins.

What's he doing?  Must be fishing!
Now we're going for a ride!


Did see a couple of muddy spots going up the Garden Brook trail.

These are my favorite!

That tree got pulled down from snow this winter.

No problem, the trails are in great shape!

You people are slow!

Up the Garden Brook board walk we go.

This is Michigan Nature Association property

We ride past the bottom of the Flying Squirrel trail.

Garden Brook is the best for cooling off!

We kept going up to ride the Bullwinkle trail .

These guys are going back up to race down the
Enduro course.  Is that our pal Garrison?

Friendly riders from Rhinelander!
Ivan likes to scratch me.

OK, now we're back at CH so I could socialize some with
the friendly staff at Down Wind Sports 

Lake Fanny Hooe is my favorite.
 We went back to camp to relax some.

In the afternoon we came back to see Caleb.

Only to be seen in the UP!  These guys are ready for anything.  What about low trees?

I visited my friends at Traprock Pottery.

I found more friendly people to lay on so they can touch me.
 They came up from Chicago just to see me!

David is from Milwaukee.

Did you know I never get to see any kids?

Oh ya.

More trail mutts at the Sunday evening BBQ!

Live music with Steve Jones and the Garden City Hot Club.
 They are soooo good!

Oh ya, my new friend Sam.  He just moved up here.
When will we see you again Sam?

My other new friend from Detroit.

With the good chipmunk hunting, running on the CH trails, plus
meeting and making all these new friends...
I had a busy, busy weekend.