Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A little Swedetown trail sweep.

On our way back from Copper Harbor on Monday, we stopped at Calumet to check out the trails there.  We had chatted with John N over the weekend who'd been out clearing them, plus he had ridden the South Side and Lake View trails.  So we had the bright idea that we could too. After talking with some Marquette riders who were coming off the trails, we thought better.   Instead we walked in on the Back Country trail and found it in impassable condition.  So we got back to the bread box and headed to Houghton to get some power tools.
We'd not stopped at the Cafe Rosetta in some time!

I'll need to make my rounds, the patrons here are very friendly.

All clear to the rear...still blocked up ahead.

Swamp trees everywhere! The snow bent them all over.

We only made it to the 1st ski trail crossing...not very far!

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