Saturday, May 10, 2014

Swedetown Creek bridge check.

Ya, we got rain this week and the creeks really came up which made my pack want to check the bridges for any high water damage
Rushing water makes me nervous!
You can see a support failed in this photo.

Sandy got dangerously close here, far as I'm concerned.

With the support out, the right side really sags.

I better stay close or I could get swept away!

This is the middle bridge we plan to replace this fall.

Water was so high earlier today it came through here.
Ya this will be quite the project and I'll be helping them
with it this fall.
This is what we call the National Guard bridge.

Sandy found a culvert plugged and the water running over the trail.

We had so much snow this winter, many many trees
were pulled down.

I closed the ATV gate.

We checked out Mark's cribbing again.
The spare lumber got flushed out from underneath!

The creek is trying to re-route itself.
It was flowing everywhere!

Not much snow left here!  Although I did roll in it.
The creek is under this board walk.

I don't mind the mud.

Oh ya, I'm so glad to get out now and then.

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