Monday, May 19, 2014

North Country Trail work investigation!

With our snow largely gone, and it's almost summer!... We pulled the camper out and headed to our segment of the NCT to see how wet it still was and how many trees had fallen across it this winter. Trail mutts are all about camp adventures you know!
As they loaded the camper, I needed to stay close by or
they might leave me behind!

Oh ya, our favorite camp site.
This is 8 miles south of Mass City at a NCT parking lot.

That afternoon we hiked west.
We found a few trees across the trail
but not as bad as we had suspected.
This is the long decent into the Ontanogon river valley.
We found this section in terrible shape!

This is the BIG suspension bridge across the river
and the west end of our section.

Looking one way.

And the other.  The water here is usually silty and brown.

I smelled beaver at a nearby tree.

And bear!  They make me nervous.

We took a break here.

And admired the spring flowers.

A few downed trees to jump over on our way back.

Water dogs don't mind creek crossings.

Ya, I'm all about hikes on the NCT!

Is someone shooting blazes we put up last summer??

Hummmm I think it's bug holes or maybe old blaze nails.
Most looked good.

It was so wet, we decided to wait a few weeks before
doing more trail work.

We hiked about 9 miles and I was tired
by the end.

Finally back at camp!

Spaghetti dinner!  That smelled good!

After a long day on the trail and my belly full of kibble
a bath in the leaves is perfect!

After dinner we did a short hike east and spied a
Pileated dinner location.

Oh good, my best pal Dean came by to visit us.  I love him!
 He lives near here.

Hannah's raspberry jam for breakfast.  Hummmmmm

A hunting dog's job never ends.

Sunday morning we headed south to see Agate Falls
 near Trout Creek.  We'd never been here before!

  The view from the top of a RR trestle.
You better stay close because I'm not very brave!

After that, we headed south to check out
the trail west of the O Kun De Kun falls.

We found it in rough shape but dry enough to walk.
We'll be back in 3 week to demonstrate tree blazing here...
stay tuned!

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