Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Arnold mine ruins and Jacob creek falls hike II

On Sunday Marks gang went back to the Monks trail around the Arnold mine ruins plus see the Jacob creek falls again. We were here just a few weeks back and in deep snow. Plus today was special, because Becky came back to see me!
We get ready at the parking lot at the top.

At the mine ruins.

We ran into other friendly hikers at the mine site

Oh ya, you can scratch me to!

Me and Bella are trail mutts and lead the way.

We cross the bridge and go up the poor rock pile.

I'm glad we still have snow.

The Monk's added very nice tables and benches along their trail.

A bridge that broke this winter under snow load.

Along the creek that overlooks the falls.

Ya Becky, we all missed you.
On the stairs to see the falls.

We best hold on so we don't fall in!

Becky explains how much she's missed me!

Emanuel and Mark love snow like I do.

Kathy might drop that snack just for me.

We stopped at the pond to see the trout in it.

After the hike, we stop at the Eagle River falls.

The river is still up!

Oh ya, we bumped into more friendly people here.

We had such a nice time. When will  Becky be back to see me again???

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