Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday ski fun!

On Sunday, after Arly groomed up the trails, we all headed out for a romp at Maasto.
There were lots of friendly skiers out! I brought this one a ball.
Hey! Another friendly skier.
The sun was shining as we chatted in Churning Rapids.

Once we got to Mud Lake, it had clouded up and started to snow.

With the wind off of the BIG lake, we took
the trail on the east side of Mud Lake.

It snowed harder....

and harder!

Later, down in the Gorge, the snow had about stopped.
We had such a nice ski here today!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another fine day for a ski!

Thank heavens!  We got more snow overnight and my pack got out for a short romp this afternoon.
Arly worked this morning and made the trails look nice again.

Then we got out to ski and be social.

I love Sarah so I'll stand on her skis. 
That way I know she'll stick around a while and scratch me some.

Oh dear! Arly can't groom this trail any more this season.
We'll find a better route for it, this summer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Spring skiing, early!

With the weather becoming rather warm, we needed to ski into the Swedetown Creek gorge and check out the water situation.   Plus I needed to get out and run some.
Even 9 yo's need to run some!

And have spring snow baths!

The creek was really up.

You're not going to make me get any closer to that torrent!

Starting to look like maple syrup time.

What a wonderful spring day to be out.

Oh oh! I'm not crossing.  Are you?

Not here, either!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Back to Good Shepherd!

Oh ya, with snow work lessening, my pack finally got back to church after a long hiatus. 
I don't know you, but you can certainty rub me some.

I've not seen Nouma or Malia in much toooo long.

And Ramon, too!

Oh, oh, here is a friendly family I just met from Grand Rapids MN.

I heard your dog couldn't come to can visit with me some!

No ever pets me at MY house.

Maybe I'll be back to see you again soon?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Copper Harbor Point adventure!

Saturday morning with warm temps forecasted here, my pack said "let's go up and ski the Copper Harbor Point trail!"
We parked at the Grant Township building.
It was crowded in CH today with snowmobiles.

We stopped to check out Manganese creek on our way up.

Oh good, this is where we start..

These trees have whiskers.

And this is a north facing hill!
Some people had snowshoed in here.

Lotsa snow on the bridge though.

This spot is sooooo pretty.

Snow mushrooms won't be around much longer.

This is a long board walk that passes through a cedar swamp.
We made it the the snowmobile trail, then headed back.

Arly's artsy shot.  Spring is on the way here.

Trail flagging when it was built.

No lake boats out until March but huge pieces of ice out there.

Some folks were snow shoeing at Ft. Wilkins.

Ice on Lake Fannie Hooe is looking pretty thin.

Hey! We meet friendly snow shoer Kim B.
I stood on her snow shoes, so she could pet me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Swedetown gorge edge adventures!

We warmed up here, so late on Tuesday me and my pack went into Swedetown gorge to ski along its edges.  Something we'd not done in a few years.
Ya, this is my favorite creek.

It's flowing right below us.

Are we going to cross here??  It makes me nervous!
We crossed it many times.

As we romp-n-ski along its steep walls, we spied
where snow has been tumbling down.

I saw lots of squirrels to hunt, too.

We had a nice little adventure here.