Sunday, February 12, 2017

Barne means kids!

Today was the Keweenaw Nordic/Sons of Norway Barnelopet and I attended just to see and meet the kids!

Folks are coming in to sign up.

Oh, oh, I found a friendly one who'll rub me some.

Ya, two at a time IS better.

Ya, you can pet me too.

No one ever rubs me good.

I do love kids.

Ya, I never get any kid time.

It's so good to meet you.

I love rubs by the bigger kids too.

Oh, oh I found friendly folks outside too!

Now they line up...I had to come over and help.

Oh ya, I love the start of a ski race!

This way! I'll pace you.

Hey! The Sharp's were out with their 4-legged family member.

We wrastled a little.
Me and Jay had such a nice time cheering on the racers zooming up Sisu Hill!

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