Sunday, February 5, 2017

More ski adventures!

Today, we made the most of the day again and went for 2 excellent adventure skis at Maasto. 
Also, KNSC's annual Retro Ski was held. We all attended!
Me and Sandy skied while Arly was out grooming.

The sun tried to come out, while we
were on the east side of Mud Lake.

Mostly though, it was snowing and blowing.
The snow mushrooms are coming back!
In the afternoon, we joined in with Jay's Retro Ski.

We took a break before heading across Ruby Marsh.

Bella shows her hunting prowess.

Wow! Bright and sunny.

We 4-leggeds had to lead the way, as usual.

By the end, I'll admit this 9 year old was getting tired.

Oh, my favorite creek is even prettier when the sun shines on it.

I'm so glad we got out to Maasto 4 times this weekend!

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