Saturday, February 4, 2017

More snow adventures!

We have received around 200 inches for the year and that could mean more snow adventures!
In the morning Sandy went for a ski and I ran along.  I love this stuff!

Arly was out working!  This is in Churning Rapids.

Bye bye.  Maybe we'll see you later for a ski?

We glide down towards the west gate.

My favorite Swedetown Creek!

After Arly got home, we headed to Spring Creek Canyon for a back country ski! I love this place.

We cross an old bridge. 

Later, upstream, I show Sandy how to get across.

It's easy!

Oh dear, this is scary.

This is such a pretty canyon.

They stopped for tea, while I hunted for my own snack.

Whey do these trees lean?

We skirted along the edge many times.

Nobody was home here.

Big tumbles, now covered with fresh snow.

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