Friday, July 25, 2014

Marks gang joins interpretative hike to Carp Lake Mine

In the Porkies state Park is remnants of the Carp Lake Mine that existed in the 1860 to 1900 era.   Don Savera found they do a rare hike to it's location with a park guide who'd speak about the site.

Everyone is showing up.  I'm a very social dog you know!

Oh ya Grant, I'm so glad you came or no one here
would ever touch me.

Fran came to.  Where did you go??

Ben and I got to hang out together.  I love kids you know.

The park employee gives a talk before we head up the trail.

Now we're going!

With little light left, photos aren't as
good as I'd like.

Not much light in the woods tonight, so the photos aren't so good.

At a shaft opening.

Rock crusher remains.

Boiler that powered it.

I think maybe I wore Ben out.

We head back down.
Me and my pack have hiked past here before.

Back to the road it ends.

I love Charlie too.


It was a busy hike and I was thirsty

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