Monday, July 21, 2014

Copper Harbor Heat Retreat!

With a rather warm forecast for Houghton, we thought we'd head northeast to camp, ride and hike some Copper Harbor trails where it would be cooler!

Sam, who we met here this spring, came up to ride with us!

Sam has trail mutts, where are they?

We headed around the ponds to the Garden Brook trail.
Dearest got a good photo here!

They let me swim every time we go past the ponds.

These thimble berries will be ripe soon!

We're not going left here, it's the bottom of a double black diamond trail!

Sam just moved here from the
Twin Cities (MN) to ride & ski. 
We cross highway 41.

Up the board walk we go.

It's pretty long, but not the longest here.

At the bottom of the Flying Squirrel trail
I made a new friend, Greg, who's from Marquette MI.

Then my pal Garrison and his friends came down!  I love him!

Greg said he wanted to see more trails so he tagged along with us.

Bruce (standing 2nd from the left)
came from the Twin Cities just to ride with us.
He's a skier know I love skiers!

We went up Bull Winkle and now we're coming down
 the Stairway-To-Heaven.

We also took went down Cliffs and Bridges trail
but no photos were taken there.
This is the start of the Stairway-To-Heaven board walk.

Sandy got some nice photos here!


Greg had to meet friends so we said by-by to him
but then after a break,
we decided to go back up Garden Brook again.

Bruce has seen my ski photos before.  I love skiers and snow!

We took Woopidy Woo and went clockwise.

Oh ya!

The top of the Flying Squirrel trail.

Now we're at the Brickside Brewery.
We always stop here because it's trail mutt approved!

Amanda was working!
She has a blog about life in Copper Harbor.
 I love her!

There were LOTS of friendly people here today,
plus other mutts.

And kids! You know I love kids.

Back at Fort Wilkins we set up camp.

I love camping here.  I see chipmunks!

This friendly one I just met at the Brickside.
Apparently he doesn't know I love ice cream.

I love camping.

And steak!

Hummmmm, the next morning I smelled bacon.

My paws got abraded yesterday so my pack thought
I should take the day off.

On the way up the Garden Brook trail.

Seen on the road along Brockway Mountain Drive

On the way down the Flow.

At the Flow's bottom along highway 26.

 Mark and Kathy came up to hike with us to the Horseshoe Harbor preserve.
This is just east of CH.
Here we turn off the road and down a foot path.

They read the sign.  Me and Bella can't read.

Of course, trail mutts don't need no stinkin' signs.

I swim out to a rock
Seen here are large outcrops of
 Cooper Harbor conglomerate rock.

This unusual rock is seen at many locations in the Keweenaw.

Mark spies lake boats!

These are up-bound and heading to Duluth
or another north shore harbor.
We headed back early since the lake flies where biting today.

I got in my last swim.

We stopped for snacks on the way out,
once we were away from the flies.

This is way steeper than the photo makes it appear.

Mark said we should see the Overflow Trail, so we started at the bottom on highway 26 and hiked up just part of it.  Here is a video of some fellows coming down the whole trail.  This is a black diamond jump trail.

Mark says, "I could jump my bike off that itty bitty ramp!"

These berms are built for speed.

Arly says he'd ride these if Sandy would let him get the
right bike... ha, ha!

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