Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More North Country Trail clearing adventures!

On Tuesday we returned to our section of the NCT south of Mass City to clear more of it. Best thing was my pals Larry and Jeff came to help us!  

At the parking lot, we get ready and Larry shows up!
Ya, he rubs me some.
Let's go people!  We hike well over a mile to get to the work area.
Arly starts to string whacking ferns and them tree shoots down.

The rest of the crew is lopping and blazing trees.
Break time!   Where'd the dog go??

Arly brought three heads with him so any job could be done.
Chainsaw, string head and a brush cutter and
all of them were used today.

As we go west, the trail got more brushy.

We get to a seriously overgrown section.  Ya, this is the trail.

Arly switches the whacker head to the three sided one we call the boomerang you see here. It's perfect for small trees and brush just like this

This is a jungle!

After the boomerang was used.

Larry is scraping trees for blazing

Looking better!

Blazing trees is all about team work.

The crew watches Larry scrape this tree.

Use lots of paint Jeff!

Ya, that's what I like to see!

He's such a ham!  Now with blue spots.

After a long, long day on the trail, this hearty crew gets back.
We got lots done with the help of these two!

On the way back they stop and let me go for a swim
 in the east branch of the Ontonagon!

I shake off to share it.

Back in town, we got a pizza and ate it at Jeff's camp.
As usual, I didn't get any.

It's been a long day but I have some energy left for chipmunks!

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