Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter weekend travels, fun with family and many snow adventures!

 The pack decided it was time we had a holiday with family, so we packed up on Friday and headed west to Ely.
We stopped by our favorite trails in Ironwood - Wolverine.

See the jump at the top?
This club's roots is in ski jumping.

Because they allow mutts like me, they are trail mutt approved.

The snow was great!

Back to the chalet!

On Saturday afernoon up in Ely MN, we stopped at Hidden Valley for a nice romp around these fine trails.  Sadly, we can only ski here after they have closed for the season because they don't allow dogs.  Gee, they'll never get trail mutt approval doing that!

C'mon! I know the way, I'll lead usual.

It was a fine spring day in the woods.

Snow was getting skimpy but we still had such nice time here.

We had some nice R n R time with Gramma and Grampa.

On Easter Sunday we scoped out the lakes up north....
still ice covered.

We walked aorund town. Hey! I smell maple syrup.

Where's the dog?

My pack took after me, and basked in the sun.

I'm really more of a lap dog, ya know.

On Monday, we headed back home.
 We took a break in Duluth for a stroll.

I'm a regular at the Duluth Pack store,
they are trail mutt approved.
And I love little girls!
This is a special additional photo of a  Pileated woodpecker
who came to visit our feeder.

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