Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Porch Picnic and other July Adventures

It was a busy and hot 4th of July holiday here, especially for a winter mutt!  Good thing we went for  cool dip in my favorite Pilgrim river,  got in a nice ride at Swedetown trails AND we had some friendly people over for a picnic on the porch. 
It was a wonderful holiday for a very social dog!
Ya,, water is my favorite element.
That was enough.

Now we're running at Swedetown!
We started in the morning, before it got to warm.
Some say I have a glow tongue.  I'm just glad it helps keep me cool.

We had some wind blow through here.

Where we going now?
I'll follow!
Sure it was warm, but we still got in a nice run on my favorite trails.
Plus there are some nice creeks here.
Having some friendly people over is the best!
It was a prefect thing to end my holiday with.

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