Sunday, July 8, 2012

Busy weekend of freindly riders!

On Saturday my new friend Katja wanted to ride, so we took her for a quick spin to learn the ropes of riding a tandem.
She did great and we had so much fun! 



Then Brian, my friend from Menasha WI wanted to ride Swedetown trails. I never miss an opportunity to run!
Everyone else had to ride their bikes.
I'm ready and willing to go!
We checked out the bomb shelter.
Someone said this is where the mine stored explosives.
Is that true??
He took this most excellent photo. Thanks Brian!
My temperature gauge (tongue) said it was warm...for a winter dog.
We stopped at our favorite Cafe Rosetta for lunch.
They're found on 5th ST in Calumet
It was GREAT!!  And many friendly people stopped by to see me.
   We had so much fun together...

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