Monday, July 2, 2012

Cable camp and CAMBA cruising!

On Friday the pack headed west to camp and ride at our favorite CAMBA trails.  Also known by their longer name, Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association.
Ya, camping is an important part of being a trail mutt.
We started at OO and went south on the Makwa to Mosquito
Brook road and back.  These are some great trails!
I had to have my tongue unfurled for better cooling.
Little rock is no problem!
Lotta rock is no problem either!
It was a tad hot for my pack today.
After our ride, we stopped at our favorite Lunch and Espresso stop in Cable
The Brickhouse Cafe.
Trail mutt approved!
Back at camp, they showered while I watched
for vermin.
For showering, I prefer a creek or pond.
After that 26 mile run, I ate, drank and got a little tried.
It was a busy day and I got to see many friendly bikers out there.
For super, my pack was grilling vegetables.
Hummmmmm it smelled good.
I had to keep up the watch for vermin!!
S'mores!  All I got was lame kibble.
Breakfast smelled good too!

Then we got out for another ride.
This time it's on the Namekagon trail.
We stopped to cool off in Pasty Lake.  It was great!
After a dip, I spread some of the cool lake around.
We wound through the pines on the new Patsy Lake loop.
The pack had to check the map...I just followed.
Hey! We were here this spring.
These trails have great flow.
They remind me of Swedetown trails back home.

Nice these guys have them marked so well!
This is another reason we ride and love these trails..

I prefer a dip in the lake, but a cool hose shower at the
Namekagon Township building was OK too.
The best part of the whole weekend were the kids at camp!
I was in my glory.

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