Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to camp CAMBA!

Sandy needed to "get away" so I advised the short drive to the Chequamegon area to ride those wonderful trails.  Trail running always makes me feel better....along with some ear scratching.  So on Friday afternoon, we headed west to our favorite camp site on Lake Namakagon.   Somewhat expected, they were full because of a local event so we headed to a alternate site at the Wilson Lake trail head.  This was a busy weekend and will include many photos since trail mutt's don't speak.
We'd never camped here before.
After setting up, Sandy checked out the map. What does it say?
We hiked in to Wilson Lake for a cool dip.
On Saturday we ran the trails starting at Mosquito Brook
trail head.
On the Seeley Pass trail.
Ya it was warm out today, and muggy.
A cool stop in Fish Hatchery creek.  It's great! I recommend it.
A wind blew through on Friday night and we found trees
across the trail. I thought this was a great trail feature!
After 18 miles, I was tired
and wanted a ride back.
After our Saturday ride, we found the Namakagon campground cleared so we scooped up our favorite site in it.
A trail mutt can appreciate this site.
While at the Rock Lake parking lot,
we bumped into Craig Bierly who is famous!

We had great fun riding with him, hearing stories and some ear scratching for me....
Craig retired in 2008 and been riding trails all around the
country ever since.

We went around the Epic trail with him. After my
pack had rode across the No Hands Bridge, I went back
for a cool dip and made the bridge wet.  Sorry Craig!

Ya it's a great 13 mile loop.
We saw many, many friendly bikers here today!

She gave me some jerky. 
I think it was supposed to be for her boy friend!
It was nose-liking good.
Craig rocks!  Maybe I can go with him on his tour?
Back at camp, I met some very friendly boys...

They threw a stick for me!

It was a busy day for a trail mutt and I sacked out early..
We stopped at OJ's rest stop to picnic on the way home.
It was a perfect ending to an adventure filled weekend.

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