Sunday, August 26, 2012

Close-to-home adventures

With this weekend's high heat and sticky humidity, the pack was not enthused to take off for an elaborate adventure. We stayed home, did a few nice hikes and a hot bike ride. The 2-leggeds were eating lots of their garden produce; I don't know why they don't get turned on to carrion. It's tasty! On Sunday we hiked the Black Creek Nature Sanctuary trails and Arly brought the camera.
Blue blazes mark the way.

I relaxed while I waited for the 2-leggeds to catch up.

It was cool and breezy near the BIG lake.

I went for a swim in the waves. It was kinda scary at first!...

...then I remembered I am a water dog.

I shared some of the lake with Sandy.

On the hike back we noticed the yellow and brown ferns.
Fall is on the way!

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