Monday, August 13, 2012

Swedetown trail sweep!

I love to run on these trails!

On Saturday after cleaning up the kennel, we headed up the hill to ride Camelot (ak Calumet).  We hadn't been here in some time!
But it does make me thirsty.

Marc's been doing some nice upgrades here.

Are we lost like this bug was?

Oh good, here is a sign.
We bumped into some friendly bikers here
from Marquette. They were lost!

A trail mutt does appreciate a good run.


We seen a very friendly family here,
I can be a lap dog, even if I weight more
than you do.

Afterwards we stopped at our favorite Ice coffee stop, Cafe Rosetta.  These guys said they moved here for the snow and trails.  That's the same reason my pack did.  I love them!

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