Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Swedetown trails, Bridges Loop cleared!

Today Josh came along and we headed back up and got the Bridges loop cleared! 
We walked up the hill to start were we had left off on Sunday.

Sandy cuts then throws some brush off.

Ya Josh, an important part of trail work, is petting me.

This is looking better!

Sandy scopes overhanging branches. 
She raked it after everyone else had made a mess.

Josh knows how to do this.

We stop at the rock for lunch.

I love Swedetown trails.

This section is starting to look nice again.

Here is an overgrown water crossing. 
The same spot, a few minutes later

We saw many, many branches being broke back like this.
Does someone need a lopper for their upcoming birthday?

Almost back to the bottom.
We'd have not get this done without Josh!

Nearly 30 people-hours and this trail was buffed up,
at least until the weeds pop up again.
I hope we come back for a bike ride soon!

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