Sunday, July 3, 2016

4th of July, food-N-fun.

Over the holiday weekend on Saturday morning, they went for a long ride up at Swedetown trails.  They left me home because they worried about the heat and my arthritic joints doing a longer ride.  Could that be true?  There's also not many water holes for me to cool off in up there.  But the good news is late in the day, we all went to Tech trails for a great romp.  The chipmunk hunting there was great!  And we did around 9 miles there.  Of course the creeks there are plentiful as well.  Sorry but they didn't take any photos of that.  The light is low with the tree canopy being full anyway.
On Saturday evening, Sandy made shish kabobs. Hummmm

We "eat out" most nights over the summer months.

How does this look?

I watch for squirrels and chipmunks while here.
I love summer meals on da porch.

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