Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Camba Camp-N-Ride!

On Saturday morning I seen the camper was being loaded so I'll stay close by with the thought we could be heading west to those Cable WI trails.
Trail mutts know when camp-n-ride gear is being loaded.

We did stop at my favorite Lake Namakagon FS camp ground.

It was warm that afternoon so we went to the Wilson Lake trail head.
There are water spots along this section.
Oh ya!  Sandy got a few photos as I ran here.  Of course they rode!

Even with the low light, she still got a few good ones.

We cross creeks.

The water is brown with tannin.  This was taken as they ride.
 How does she do that?

I cross the same bridge.

We stop for a cool dip at Pasty lake.  Come on in, it's great!

We head off again.  You can see I'm wet.

We stopped for several dips today.
It was warm for a winter mutt like me.

Back at camp, Arly gets in the new shower tent to clean up.

The chipmunk hunting here it always good!

Sandy gets a great dinner together.

Hummmm salads.  Seems that's all they are eat-n.

Arly checks the pork chops.

It sure smells good to me!

It was great to be camping here again but a few mosquitoes were out.

Next post will be the rest of the extended weekend here.  Not per say a holiday, but more of a get-away for us.

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