Thursday, July 28, 2016

CAMBA Long-ass-ride

On Friday afternoon me and my pack traveled to Hayward WI to a motel there.  They said festivities were near there and if it got hot out,  I'd need an air-conditioned location to stay at.  Are they really that worried about me?  I'm only 9!  But ya, I'm more of a winter dog.
We stopped in Seely WI to pick up our ride paraphernalia.
Oh I love these CAMBA people, they'll pet me some. 
No one else does!

This is Saturday morning at the ride shuttle. 
They left me inside the cool motel room.

This is the ride's start.

That night at the dinner, I found LOTS of friendly
 riders to play with.  They even brought a dog Frisbee!

Some friendly riders from Manitoba.  They are Dave L.'s friends.

Arly didn't get many good photos of the dinner but there
were lots of people there. We all had such a fun time.

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