Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day II and rain, so we hiked.

We got rain and rain overnight, NOAA said about an inch.
Those two were bummed they couldn't ride but
I knew darn well we could go for a hike.

Just down the road the North Country Trail crossed highway D.
A very friendly FS employee was here and we chatted with him.

We'd never been on this section before.
A few miles in was a tower we'd hike in to see.

This is an old fire tower on top of a rocky ridge.

We got a kick out of this marking. 
This is near Grand View WI.

It wasn't much of a view, but
a nice spot to hike to just the same.

Coming down the ridge, we spied some pretty flowers.

It was HOT out today.

We found quite a few trees across the trail.
Maybe more than a dozen in the 2 miles we did to the tower.

We're not sure what these white blazes mean. 

Oh good, a cool creek we passed by.

Back to camp, Sandy's working on the KNSC news letter.

Meanwhile, I stayed busy chasing this chipmunk.

This is looking up the same tree.
He did come down and I chased him!

Tonight they made grilled vegetables with sausages.

Hummmmm that looked good.

And guess what happened the next morning?  It rained again!
So we went to a coffee shop in Cable WI.
Oh ya, there was a bunch of friendly customers who'd stop by
and scratch my ears.  No-one ever does that!

This is our favorite coffee shop in Cable - The Brick House.

We spied a robin on top of a sign while there.
No, we didn't get to run that much, but still had a nice time here.

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