Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bridgefest Parade fun with kids!

On Friday I was in the Bridgefest parade!  Keweenaw Nordic loves to do fun things, so they march in parades. And, since KNSC is mutt friendly, we 4-leggeds join in the fun.
Oh ya, some dogs just don't get out much.
These are Ski Tigers who'll march with us.

I love skiers.  I'm a snow dog you know!

Now I got my parade ware on.

Since we're waiting to start, you can scratch me some.
We're off!
Arly's a real ham today.
Oh good, kids line the streets.
These Ski Tigers really know how to roller ski good.
 They went around and around the float.
And more kids.  I love them! 
No one ever touch's me good like this.

An artsy shot here.
These M.O.T.O.R. kids came all the way from Kingsford just to see me.
They play Music Over The Open Road.
Ya, you kids can pet me too.
Me and the kids all love a parade.

Do note, Gromit's pack is really getting out for rides or hikes on most days.  But with the tree canopy now fully grown, light in da woods is low, so good photo's are difficult to catch.

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