Friday, August 11, 2017

High Point clean up!

Oh ya, today I helped Josh and Arly out on the trails again.
The wet, cool summer has made for luxurious growth.
This is on the ski trail, on the culvert at Ruby Marsh.

On the way down High Point, towards Villi Maki.  It was cleared!

Tools of the trade.  Not seen here is the string trimmer.

Lotsa brush was cleared, to improve sight lines

We made it to the creek!

Ya Josh, pull those over there. Way off!

Keep going!

A new bridge is being measured up.
This one is too low, too short and narrow.

There's where a 20' bridge would end.

Those 2 big leaners behind me will come down next week.
We've got to get this area cleared out in order to replace that
bridge next year.

OK, that's enough for today. Let's head home!

I'm so glad we got to spend the day together, on the trails and
in the woods.

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