Monday, October 8, 2012

Keweenaw adventures all weekend and salty boats

 On Saturday we decided to check out the Gratiot River park just NW of Calumet that we'd never been to before.

Ya fall colors are at their peak.

The beach at the park.

Then on Sunday
Surprised to see a 750ft boat chugging along in reverse, on a Sunday morning in the canal!
Can you tell in this photo that he's backing up??
Click here for the Algolake's info.
Wow those fall colors!  The wheel shaped insignia marks the front thruster.

They had turned around at Lily pond dock, then backed up the last few miles to this dock. In this photo he's swinging the 250 ft boom out to unload.
He's unloading salt for the area roads.

A short hike in CR was just what an adventure dog needed!
I'm full of it in the fall.

Me and Auggie supervised the hog wallow ditching.

In the afternoon, a small but sturdy crew assembled to clear out a section of the River Trail.

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