Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday NCT clearing!

On Sunday afternoon we decided to camp at the parking lot were we'd start clearing west on the NCT.  We waited here for Ralph and Patti to arrive who said they'd help us.  Gee you know I love people like this!
Trails mutts are all about camping ya know.

Hummmmm we ate good.
This is the tasty dinner we had Sunday evening.
Oh wait, I only had lame kibble again.

This was the trail to the east of Gardner RD.
We checked it out that evening

We found it needs some love-n and new blazes.

 To the west on our trail.   I'm really in the picture...
this grass needs whacking!

We had such a nice camp here.

Monday morning we got to work.
Ralph is taking these ferns down!

Thanks Ralph!

With a crew like this, we'll make it look lots better.

Patti has a knack for blazing.

See?  Now hikers won't get lost!

Ya, a nice blaze and a cleared trail.
I approve!

Afterwards I got some scratching.
Trails work makes me need this.

Me and the blazers come blazin' back...

We had one more camp meal then packed up
to head home. It's been a busy, busy weekend!

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