Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend adventures in Marquette

My pack signed up for a Solo Wilderness First Aid class so we loaded up and headed to Marquette on Friday morning. Since trail mutts already know how to handle themselves in the woods, I didn't get onto the classes. At least after the classes were over, we stopped in Craig Lake for a hike on Sunday afternoon!
I see adventure ahead!

Ya, we need to get a going!

I'll go up ahead and check for vermin.
This is what happens if I've not been out for a run!
Oh, oh I spied a squirrel up there!
As we hiked past the Miller (of Miller brewing) cabin, the friendly family staying there came out to say hi!

And kids!

You know I never get to see any kids!

OK we've got to get back on our hike around this lake.
An interesting tree we spied.

An old orange blaze

This trail eventually joined the North County trail.

Tea time! They tried out the pop-can stove their pal Dan gave us.
It didn't like being lit in this cooler weather.

I found my own brown tea here made with tannin.
 I recommend it!
It snowed on us out here!

A pretty overlook.

A BIG rock I jumped on top of.

I'm hunting vermin again.

Another break!

The bridge across the West Branch of the Peshekee river was being rebuilt.

Good thing, because crossing the old one was very, very scary!

I could fall off and get swept away in the raging torrent
below, ya know.

We've always wanted to see a suspension bridge
being constructed.

We had such a nice hike today!

Almost done.
Back at the car. I love Craig Lake!

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