Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall trail clearing continues!

I've been out helping on the trails so here are a few photo's taken this week.
  Someone said the pay-pipe at Tomasi TH
 looked bad,  so Arly is cleaning it up!

Now a little paint.

Later a $5 was added.  Will anyone see it?
Oh ya, some friendly people stopped by to throw a ball for me!
Can't you see the ball?

Let's go for a hike!

My pack just doesn't get me out much ya know.

We're heading to Churning Rapids to see how much
work will be needed to get it reopened this fall.

I cool off in Swedetown creek.  Or is this Spring creek?

I love fall colors!

Me and my pal Sam are clearing trail.  He's the best!

It's a mess!  This will take many, many hours to get it cleared and safe for skiing.

Pako and Jim are helping today!

We run home.

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