Sunday, December 29, 2013

Keweenaw Nordic Holiday Luminary ski
Oh Good!  I see kids coming.

I smelled something interesting.

Oh ya, no one ever pets me.

The city lights illuminate the ski.

Here is Jeff!

Other friendly trail dogs.

A short legged snow dog.

I don't think Kathy knows that I didn't eat breakfast,

Hummmm tasty floor scraps.

Oh ya Craig. All that banjo playing has
conditioned your fingers for ear scratching.

I do need to be in the middle.

She could drop that.

I've been soooo good.

Let me tell ya, no one ever scratches me.

Me and Bally played.

Now Sandy and the crew head out to retrieve the candles.

We all had such a good time.

Lots of friendly kids of all ages and trail mutts came out to see the trail via the glow of luminaries. We had so much fun! Be sure to join us for our next KNSC adventure, the Moon/Fire ski on Saturday, January 11th.

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