Sunday, December 15, 2013

Full day of Fabulous Snow Adventures!

After a week of no adventure what-so-ever, the pack made up for it on Saturday! We started our adventures in Eagle Harbor. The pack had seen trail reports that they had good snow and were grooming.
I'm always waiting on them.   Lets go!

Finally! Here we go.

We found the snow the best we've seen it here. 
Maybe since last year?

Eagle Harbor is on the lake shore, so the snow is usually shallow.

I found a friendly skier who was willing to scratch my ears.
Hardly anyone ever does that ya know.

I had to take an affection break for
paw maintenance.

Ready to go again! I let Arly be up front for the photo.

After lunch at Eagle Harbor Inn, we headed east to Copper Harbor to ski their groomed trails.
It was snowing, as I appreciate.

This way to adventure!

More maintenance...

The snow was good going through Ft. Wilkins too.

The ducks were lounging in Lake Fanny Hooe's outlet.
We spied the ducks while on this bridge.

It's starting out to be a good, snowy winter. I love snow!

I let Arly get ahead again.

I spied a flying squirrel. I was wishing it
would fly right into my mouth...

At the old Fort.

We had a nice, relaxing ski here.
Then after a quick supper at home,
we headed out for the first moonlight ski of the season.

I love all these friendly people and all...but we could use more
trail mutts around this place! We had such a nice, busy snow-day.
When we got home, I went right to bed.

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