Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Porkies post-Thanksgiving adventure!

As you may know from our previous Porkies adventure this fall, the pack was inspired to celebrate Thanksgiving by getting a gang together to have an outdoors adventure from the comforts of a rustic cabin.
We met Karen at the M-38 junction. She hopped
into the van with Kathy, Mark & Bella.

Due to a misadventure at the Ranger Station, we hiked
to the cabin to see if we could enter without the door's combination.

It was the last day of deer season.  Orange was in style!

The front door doesn't work?
No problem for those seeking adventure!
Me and Bella watched that no one caught Karen sneaking in.
So with the cabin unlocked, we headed back for the gear.

As usual, I hauled lame kibble.
Mark was the only one smart enough to tow a sleigh!

We love an adventure!

Back at camp, Mark spied pots -n- pans in the river.
Sandy grabbed some great tasting river water for the filter.
Mark checked out his haul while me and Bella hunted wild game.

Oh this is a pretty spot!

After our little hike, it was R&R time.

Mark got some wood split for the stove.

After dinner group photos

A 9-candle super light - first on a plate...

...and later in Mark's river pan.
It helped the UNO players see their cards!

Where's the dog??

I don't know.

On Sunday, the gang hiked the Union Mine Interpretive Trail,
right nearby camp.

The rushing water made me nervous, of course.

Hunting was prime, as usual for the Porkies.

Aww! The gang had to head back home Sunday after lunch.

So me and my pack went for a little hike.
We stop by this warming shack each ski season.

I showed Sandy the way across the Union River.

Back at the cabin, I stayed on the job.
I'm an outside dog ya know.

HUMMMM...vittles warming on the wood stove.

Sandy updated the cabin's journal with
the gang's weekend adventures.

I was getting heavy eyelids by later in the evening.
Its been a busy, busy weekend.

Sandy adds more to the cabin journal.

Monday morning, Arly restocked the wood before we headed out.

Then we packed up to head home.

We spied this eaglet along South Boundary Road....

...and it's parent, the grand Bald Eagle.

  We had such an excellent Thanksgiving weekend adventure! We hope you can join us next year.

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