Sunday, December 22, 2013

Perrault Lake and snow photos!

Saturday morning we headed west to ski on our favorite BC trail around Perrault Lake.  This was a deep snow adventure trail mutts can appreciate!
Ya snow.
I keep my luxurious coat clean with snow baths.
You should try it!
What's this sign say? Oh, I can't read anyway!

I'll lead the way to adventure. Into the woods we go!

My favorite Perrault Lake.

I took another snow bath. I love winter.

We stopped for tea.
The 2-leggeds found it deep without their skis. Wimps!

The snow was thick on the ground and in the trees.

I found the bridge across its outlet.

It was snowed in narrow!

No ice fishermen today.

We checked out the MNA sanctuary trail to the bog.

I looked for kids....I didn't see any.

 Now I'll let Arly post a few photos taken on the Maasto and Churning Rapids trails while working.

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