Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bridge work got done!

On Friday, work on bridges was finally completed in Swedetown gorge.   Big thanks goes to Mark R, Sam S and Paul P for their hard work on this.
Decking on the middle bridge is done.
This bridge will get replaced next fall and will take about
1000 hours to do.

Now we can move the work trailer over it and up to the next bridge.

It gets parked here.
This decking was in dire condition as was the ramp
We went under to tighten bolts plus
add some that were missing.

Materials get hauled upstream with the Rhino over Sisu bridge.

The Rhino and its trailer to move materials with,
plus the tool trailer we're all invaluable for this job.

Last to do was the ramp gets replaced.

These guys really know how to get this work done!

Now we move the trailer back down.

Mark guides it back down.

And the tools get put back.

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