Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vacation adventures!

The pack headed out for adventures last Saturday. We had lots of fun along the way! Our final destination was Ely MN so we could have an early Thanksgiving holiday with my Gramma and Grampa, Sandy's folks.
On our way there Saturday morning we stopped
at Wolverine trails near Ironwood MI.

We used to live here and still have a membership.
These guys are getting the stove fired up.

Ya, I needed to run some.

This place is trail mutt approved!

Conditions were pretty good for this early in the season.

I'm so fast!

Hey!  Sandy passed me so I'll have to kick it up a notch.

I love this place.  I can just lay in the snow and relax.

We headed west again and now we're in Duluth.

We met Sandy's folks here to see the opera Carmen with them.

I jumped up and down from this wall.

I got to cuddle with Gramma and Grampa in the hotel.

And up in Ely, I got to have couch time!

Hunting was good too.
I kept a squirrel up in this tree.

Don't forget to brush! Can't take a vacation from that.

 We had a hiking adventure in Ely, at the Hidden Valley Ski trails which were not yet open. My lame pack didn't take any photos. I'll try and get them out for a ski soon.

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