Monday, November 10, 2014

Craig Lake romp!

Ya!  On Saturday November the 8th Mark and my pack headed east to hike around Craig Lake.  Mark hadn't done it before and we wanted to see if the bridge under construction there was done.
Lets get a going!  I've been cooped up ALL week.

They wanted to look at the maps and signs.
I wanted to run!

Me and my pack were here just over a month ago
and saw a new bridge was being built over the Peshkee River.

Hunting was still good!

We hiked it counter-clockwise and came to the
1st of three new bridges here right off.

It was so pretty here today! Especially with the glorious snow.

At a portage, Mark hiked down to see the lake.

This trail needed some love-en-pruning.

Oh-oh, the map sign is confusing so
multiple paper ones came out.

Arly inspected the burls while I watched for vermin.

I smelled something in the hollow log.  This section is part of the North Country trail.

Up we go!

And over many logs.

This was to be a 7 mile hike but the downed trees and
snow added to our effort.
Granted that didn't bother me none.

We made it to the new bridge!

Mark tries to see what this one says. Turns out the NCT splits off here.

Oh gee, this is really something.

This is a way less scary crossing than that old white pine log was.

I get to be the 1st to run across.

Oh I'll need to run back and see what's taking them.

I'll run across again. I love that!

How the suspenion joints worked.

Side view.of the joints.

Now we'll run down the path to the shore!

This is the little path that the equipment,
materials, and workers came in on.

On the next hill, we stopped for lunch with a great veiw of the bridge.

They eat and I hunt.

Ya, this is my kind of season.

Mark is quite interested with this design
 and goes back for another look.

We can't sit around all day...  Let's get!

We stop to view the lake again.

The 2-leggeds were glad I was leading the way.
They couldn't see the trail!

Another portage view.

As we looked at the cabin, the friendly folks
inside invited us in for a tour.

Ya, no-one ever rubs me good like that!

Ya, my ears need it too.

Another new bridge. This is over the High Life Creek.

Mark reads the DEQ permit for this bridge.
Starting to look like a December sun.

The last stretch to the parking lot.

I smell vermin. I'd bet it's a mouse!

We had to go I coulda caught it had we stayed a little longer!

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