Saturday, January 19, 2013

Black dog, white trails!

 Snow!!  This is what being a trail mutt is all about.

I'm ready, just give me the word and I'll jump out!
This is along the Pilgrim River near the Nara trails.

I'm a multi skilled mutt...

Finally, belly-deep snow!

We saw a friendly snowshoer from Belgium out here.

  In the afternoon, we went to my favorite Maasto Hiihto trails.
Arly has to pack the snow for the 2-leggeds.

Snow makes me full of it!
We bumped into our ski friends Mark and Bella. This is the spot where we have our moonlight skis. Will we see YOU at the next one, on Saturday January 26th?

Note my well-insulated, luxurious coat.

I love the winter weather, so we can go and ski together...

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