Monday, January 14, 2013

Sisu Ski Fest Adventures

On Friday January 11 we went to Ironwood MI for a getaway weekend of adventure. Sandy was to partake in the Sisu Ski marathon. Rain and prolonged above freezing temps caused the race to be cancelled...but we still had many excellent winter adventures (just not my favorite BIG SNOW adventures)...
Fellow Sisu racers Hannah and Jonathan came out for adventures.
I was hoping vermin had been cooked in this stove.

We hiked the snow shoe trail at Wolverine.

I jumped favorite trick!

You really didn't even need
all-paw drive for this low snow.

The parking lot was solid ice from the rain which froze Saturday morning.

I'll lead the way to adventure!
Afterwards, the pack had a relaxing evening at Wolverine Village.

Shake, Mike! I love friendly skiers.

Bob is my very most favorite friendly skier.
He calls me "Bonjo"! I love that.
If you ever are in Ironwood you should stay at his place,
Wolverine Village. It is trail mutt approved!
It is right across the road from Wolverine Trails -
also trail mutt approved.

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