Saturday, January 5, 2013

North Country Trail adventures!

The pack thought it was time for a new adventure, so after conferring with my pal Mark (see our moonlight ski photos from a few adventures ago) we jumped into the Bread Box Honda and headed for the McCormick Tract, near Michigamme MI.   We seen on the NOAA snow map, they had more than us!
We had to pick which way to go. I recommended
the most adventuresome route of course.
We DID take the more adventursome
route...and there was vermin!
Arly chugged up this hill while I danced up...
I could jump up on this...

Ice falls along the trail.
See? Told you there was vermin.
I took a break from hunting and had some lame kibble.

We heard this fella excavating. We thought he was a
Pileated; turns out he was a Downy woodpecker.

I had to jump this wide chasm...
Whew! Guess it really was just a small dam.
The sun even poked out today.

This was an adventure that a snow dog can appreciate.

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  1. Hi there. I remember when i saw yall you were in shorts sitting on a bike. Full clothing and those things on your feet.
    I am in Sedona, AZ in the knee sock weather dodging cacti.