Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blustery day for the 6th Annual Glide 'N Gorge!

  On Sunday, February 23rd was KNSC's 6th annual FUNd raiser, the Glide 'N Gorge. Friendly people and skiing makes it my favorite!
It was a blustery day but me and lots of skiers showed up
for the G-N-G!

The banner almost got buried in drifted snow.
At the Hors d'oeuvre station. 
Wayne, Sue, Fran, and Don were our hosts.

Fran testing out Don's heater.

Karen says, hate to eat and run....I mean ski...but I gotta go!

Do you know that I love fire-roasted hot dogs?

One of the littler Gliders.

Sue helped keep the plates full.

Ski ya later!

Next me and Sandy skied down to the soup station.

There were lots of friendly people warming their outsides
by the fire...

....and their insides with soups.

I even found some vittles lying around to munch on.

Lotsa stoves...lotsa pots. MMMMMM!
We could smell it from the dam!

I like roasted marshmallow too, ya know.

Here our hosts were George, Jay, Lisa, and Spencer.

Scott & Sarah had a great little glide in the gorge today.
Last, we all hit the chalet for yummy desserts. MMMMMMM!

Jeanne and Eileen made sure we all had a chance
to sample everything.

Rhythm 203 performed again...Kathy conducted.

Sue Ellen, Phyllis, and Norm livened the chalet up!

I sought out good ear-scratching candidates...

Margo was the best!

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