Monday, March 17, 2014

North American mine trail take II

On Sunday we gathered with Mark's gang on Cliff Dive NE of Calumet to ski the trail from the former North American mine that was cut to Eagle Harbor around 1840.  Here is the post from last winter when we did this adventure.
This is the visitor center in Calumet.   I love snow!
On the way to Cliff Drive.
 I got close to Kathy despite Bella's best efforts.
Oh ya Lisa, no one ever touches me!
I'll hold your foot down so you stay close.

Now we're going!

I led the way over the creek.
Dale thinks the climb is something but Malachai, Mariah,
and Bella say it's nutin'.
The pack gathered at the top.

Now we zoom down.

Why did Margo fall down??  I'll check and see if she's OK.
Oh the view! We even saw Isle Royale.
Now Dave fell down!  Gee whiz you people need better paws!
Mark says "is everyone here?"
We had such a nice run down.

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