Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lake Shore adventures with Mark's gang!

On Sunday we ran (the 2 leggeds skied) along the snow from Connie's house to see the ice caves made there this winter.
Here we go!

This ice was blue!
I'm always waiting on those slow pokes.

Ya this is the only time I ever get touched.

It was hot, at 46.

Me and Bella got to tussle a little.

This is Jacobsville sand stone.

With it being a wet fall, the water really
poured down the cliffs.

Whole lotta rompin' going on!

I'm glad the tree didn't fall on us! 
How can it stay up there?

The 2-leggeds were sharing snacks.

I'm in my glory! Although, it is kinda hot.

C'mon Judy, it's cooler up here!

Jumping up here was a scary feat!

OK, I'll pose for everyone.

Whew! Thank goodness I didn't die!

More cooling.

Now we start heading back to Connie & Larry's.

We explored an ice cave on the way.

I was glad Margo lead the way!
Bella was fearless, as usual.

Mark got a few snapshots too.

Here's another one.

Are we going in Obie?  I'm kind'a scared....

Ya this is scary,, so I'll stay close to Judy.

I'm getting out of here before the whole thing falls apart!

A snowman appeared mysteriously when we skied back...

He was decapitated! Bella didn't care,
she only knew she wanted that itchy harness off!

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