Monday, May 21, 2012

Copper Harbor camp-n-ride adventures!

The pack was wanting to get out of town to for some camping and riding and this weekend was to be HOT at home (and everywhere else we may have camped) while Copper Harbor was predicted to be 20 degrees cooler.  This was the perfect excuse to camp at the Harbor! Saturday was still plenty hot for us even in CH but by evening it was cooler and Sunday's ride was warm but not hot (for a winter dog).
Most the these photos are taken on the fly......
Trail mutts do like to camp...even in between black fly swats.

Up the Garden Brook trail we head.
A right up Woopidy-Woo. Ooh, this is a fun trail!

Coming to a switchback on it.
I know exactly where they're going, so I'm taking a shortcut
I took many shortcuts today!

As we passed the new "Flying Squirrel" jump track.

Last fall the fellows up here started to reroute
the old Garden Brook trail.
This new stuff is sweet!

Ahhhh Garden Brook is my favorite stop!
Almost as good as seeing friendly bikers.
Another view of the new Garden Brook reroute.  It was a BLAST!

The new GB was so fun, we went up AND down it.

One of many switchbacks on the new GB trail.

Some have asked how we take these live action photos while riding.
This shot may give you an idea how.

A great camp-n-ride weekend was had by the pack at CH!
We hope to see YOU here next weekend
for Ride The Keweenaw!

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