Sunday, April 29, 2012

Copper Harbor trails opener! (for us)

The pack loaded a bike and headed out but stopped along the way and picked up another very friendly rider on the way up to CH.   To you care to see all the wonderful things these people have done up here, just click here to go to their site   The trail mutt thinks their trails are over the top!

We headed up the Garden Brook and quickly turned again up Woopidy Woo trail.  These guys are so slow going up this! 

Ya, this is a BLUE trail.

Tom rounding another switchback.  Funny that some think Michigan is flat!
They didn't get a photo of it, but we did the new Garden Brook
section as well. It was a blast!!!
We stopped to take in the view along the top.
And we chatted with some friendly trail workers here today.
I'm so glad we have nice trails!


Now we're cruising the trails just below the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. This was the 1st time Tom had been to CH!

Sandy takes these pictures on the fly.

On our way down, we stopped to see some Cliffs and Bridges.
Tom is glad that no one has fell off.


On the last little bit to the bottom, went down the Stairway to Heaven (where would THAT end up???)
Today, Tom is sweeping with me. I love his company!

Down, down, down we go......
This board walk is 1000ft long!

Another fun filled day in da Harbor was had by all.
Friendly people, great trails, what more could you want??
Oh ya, maybe someone could scratch my ears.

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