Sunday, April 1, 2012

NCT Sturgeon River falls hike

The pack headed out to see the section of the North Country Trail south of Baraga which features Tibbets Falls and the Oren Krumm shelter.
The Oren Krumm shelter.

The shelter was first built in 1999, but was burned down when a forest fire swept past here in 2007. It was rebuilt later that year. The journals and photos in the shelter are now protected in a fire safe box. The forest in the area bears the scars of the fire, and many of the dead, dry pines came down in sections of the trail, apparently over the winter months.  Maybe Arly could get some use out of his chainsaw certification here???
I'm always looking around for adventure. And vermin to chase!
Tea time near the shelter.
Trail markers show evidence of the fire.
Ya, the section that burned commonly looked like this.
I'm on the trail!
This was the Tibbets Falls.  Seemed more like rapids?  We didn't spot any kayaks today.
Was a great little hike for an adventure dog!!!

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