Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring 2011 Porkies Beach Party

In the spring the pack likes to head out for beach adventures. These photos show the start of our 14 mile hike which started on Superior's shore (no swimsuits were seen today), up along a creek, onto a trail, to the top of the ski hill, then the 2-leggeds donned snowshoes to hike down off the the snowy hill.  Not having claws, they started out wearing crampons, then snowshoes after they hit the snow-pack. It was an whole day of  adventure!  What you see below is called "shove ice".

I refuse to get any closer to the scary edge!

Luckily, this chunk didn't come off when we were on it.

Ice volcano made from wave's pushing water into the ice pack.
I guess  Sparrows have been eating here?

Hang on! Don't let me fall in!

Now I'm hungry for Ice Cream!

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