Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Up north where it's cool...Copper Harbor.

"Here we go" again!

The pack was anxious to get more great rides in on the Silver Bullet, but where to go in this summer heat? Up north, of course! Copper Harbor is always cooler in the summer. The pack loves the Epic Trails there, and it's fun to meet the many friendly bikers that are coming up to check out the trails.

Descending the Stairway To (from?) Heaven

Eek! Cliffs and bridges!
Sandy was able to get home from work early enough for us to pack up and head to the Harbor Friday afternoon. These photos of her and me are from that day:

Old marker on the old Red Trail.

Then things got even more fun when Rich and Debby joined us on Saturday afternoon. The pack got out to ride Saturday morning, then with Rich and Deb later, and again on Sunday morning. It was a busy weekend for a trail dog!

New dirt jump trail in process

Checking out the mini-excavator

Marching back out to the trail.

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